10 things that tell you “Northern Ireland” is not in the UK

In November 2013 a radio colleague (a student intern from Italy) interviewed Loyalists marchers (Orange men) at the stand off at Twaddell Avenue in north Belfast. Twaddell is an area in north Belfast where Loyalist marchers, loyal to the British Queen, have been camped since July 2013. They refuse to vacate this camp until they are allowed to march through an Irish Republican neighbourhood in whatever fashion they deem necessary. The Parades Commission in “Northern Ireland”, appointed to make decisions on such matters, refuse them permission yet the marchers vow to camp there until they get permission.

Among a number of points the protesters relayed to my colleague, was that they were “…I am born in part of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…I am as British as someone in Derby…”(at 9 mins)

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