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Welcome to BaldPolitiKs where we look at politics from an other angle and give a voice to the unheard.

BaldPolitiKs is run on a voluntary basis so it does not receive any corporate, private or public funding or financing. Additionally, it is not driven by any ideology other than the ideology to openly and constructively discuss politics from an alternative angle to that of corporate funded media and to allow those who do not normally have a voice in the media, or who have that voice misrepresented, to be heard properly. All respectful views and comments are welcome.

It will be supported from time to time by a podcast show called International Politics & www.podomatic.com/peterk

This blog supports free speech that encourages people to ask questions, promotes understanding and does not incite hatred or violence against any group or person in any shape or form. All perspectives are welcome, especially those who listen to and respect the opinions of others.

Should you enjoy this blog and wish to see its work continue then please go to the DONATE page where you will be shortly able to make DONATIONS towards this work.

See about & contact for donation contact details.

The Editor…

Peter is a freelance Producer & Journalist who produces media pieces on politics from an other angle. He is interested in the Arab and Muslim worlds and the north of Ireland. Both he and the blog support free speech that encourages people to ask questions, promotes understanding and does not incite hatred or violence against any group or person in any shape or form.

The show is produced and presented exclusively by Peter and is entirely self funded. He does not receive a wage or financial payment in any way shape or form for this show. The real payment is the satisfaction of completing his own work, uninterrupted, and becoming informed on such matters.

He is successfully completed a MA in Journalism & Media at Griffith College Dublin (October 2016) with first class honours. Prior to this, Peter became a BA & MA in Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management and he is a qualified workplace mediator.

Peter’s career started in April 2010 when he produced and presented his own show until September 2011 called Engage Your Mind on Dublin City FM. He worked as a freelance Journalist, submitting to national press, and spent over a year, from 2011 until 2012, working for the North County Leader newspaper as a Journalist and Photographer looking after their two main pages – Clique and Clubbers.

In 2013 Peter produced and presented International Politics on a community radio station. This show featured a wide range of international political matters as well as politics on the north of Ireland. The show was eventually brought to an end, on that station, arising from a complaint from the Israeli embassy in Dublin about a show he broadcast on Gaza. This show continues here on this blog.

He made a Sound and Vision funded 4 part 28 minute radio documentary called, Understanding Irish Muslims. This radio documentary can be heard here – Understanding Irish Muslims.

As part of his 2 year MA in Media & Journalism at Griffith College Dublin, he produced:

  1. Republicans Opposed to the Good Friday Agreement – A 15 minute radio documentary.
  2. Living with Injustice – 4 minute documentary made about The Craigavon two.
  3. Was Justice Done in Craigavon? – 15 minute documentary made about The Craigavon two.

All of which can be found here 

Peter Kearney.

Should you wish to contact me about or DONATE to this blog you can do so at:

E-Mail – baldpolitiksATgmailDOTcom

Twitter – @BaldPolitiKs

Facebook – BaldPolitiKs


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